Felicity Clarkson
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Felicity Clarkson

Felicity Clarkson was an English undergraduate from 1964-67. She has been a Council member since 2005.


At the time it was quite strictly a tutorial system and also at the time, and something I and my contemporaries put a huge value on was the fact that we all did a sort of preliminary arts course. They were compulsory. You had to do - There were choices but I did the Renaissance and I had never done art history before and it blew my mind away. I just loved it. I'm really eternally grateful for University that introduced me to that. The other compulsory, I think it was compulsory, was philosophy which I struggled with but again it was great because it's one of those things that you use without realizing the ethics or thinking or all sorts of things and we had to do that. It was a tutorial system. I still place a huge value on those courses that we did in the first year.

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