Professor Alasdair Smith
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Professor Alasdair Smith

Professor Alasdair Smith joined Sussex in 1981 as Professor of Economics. He was Vice-Chancellor 1998 - 2007 and is currently Research Professor of Economics.


It was the most important thing that happened to the University in my time as VC and you could argue the most important thing that happened to the University since 1970, the most significant change. It was an interesting experience and I think very important because it hugely strengthens the University's link with the local community. Having a medical school builds relations with the whole medical community locally. It's the biggest collaboration we've ever had with the University of Brighton. And the medical school itself has been very successful. It's recruited students extremely well, it's built itself a high reputation. It takes time of course to build a research reputation, but it has got very strong researchers and I think its research reputation will grow very strongly. So yes the medical school is a great thing.

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