Sara Hinchliffe
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Sara Hinchliffe

Sara Hinchliffe joined Sussex in 1993 as administrator in the Centre for Continuing Education. In 2003 she became the School Administrative Manager for the Sussex Institute. Between 2009 and 2011 she was the Strategy and Operations Manager for the Sciences; she now works as the School Manager in the School of Life Sciences.


I oversaw the administrative side of CCE's degrees and also the accreditation of liberal adult education which people must have talked about. Formerly liberal adult education had just been evening classes; extramural classes. So the idea was that in the old universities the academics would go outside the walls of the university to deliver their knowledge and understanding to the people in evening classes and the government. And that had been funded by a special pot of money - that's what gave CCE its money. CCE organised that work both academic staff and with tutors, you know. What were they called? I think they were just called tutors then. We call them associate tutors now at Sussex. And the government decided that it was no longer going to fund that work unless it was accredited i.e. that it had the possibility of contributing to a higher education award. So all the former extra mural liberal adult education departments had to either accredit their work or lose their money. And that was a whole load of work that I was responsible for the admin side of it. A lot of it was admin; processing; getting people. For the first time CCE students had to be registered for example with the university. They had to have library access because we were saying that they were doing level one university work, which they were. But they had to have the same resources as other undergraduates would have even though they were mainly being taught off campus, round the whole region that we worked in - across the south-east really.

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