Stuart Robinson
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Stuart Robinson

Stuart Robinson, whose father had worked at Sussex as a boiler man, joined Sussex as a Trainee Photographic Technician in 1987 eventually becoming the University photographer.


When I was about 15 I had decided on a career in photography already. My dad arranged for me to do work experience in the photographic unit here which I came in and did for a week and then after that I kind of stayed in contact, particularly with Keith Hunt who is one of my closest friends, who still works here. I used to pop in if I had days off school or during school holidays during my last year of school and then when I left school at 16 I went to do a YTS Scheme in a portrait studio in Hove and I had an afternoon off during the week so again I used to come in whenever I could and a year after I started that a job came up for a trainee photographic technician within the Department . . . so I applied for that and I got it. And that was probably one of the best things that ever happened to me.

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