Lucy Parker
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Lucy Parker

Lucy Parker, Biology undergraduate 1976 - 1979, also worked in the University Bookshop from 1988-1991.


There were several interesting things happened during my time doing biology. It was the in thing, Richard Dawkins had written The Selfish Gene which we were all supposed to read, but I don't think I did - I read about a chapter and found it very hard to read. And they had just discovered endorphins - they were all thrilled about that in the psychology department - which was innate morphines. They had just discovered those and I did well - one of my final courses was physiological psychology which I enjoyed very much and they're all mad as well. There was one tutor who had a brain in a bucket in the corner of his lab - his room - 'Oh, look at this brain! It's all chopped up!' And we did a lot on the effects of drugs as well which was very interesting - apart from that I couldn't spell the course which was a bit difficult - but that was a very interesting course and they were all thrilled about discovering endorphins and all the evolutionary people were thrilled about The Selfish Gene and David Attenborough did Life on Earth almost simultaneously.

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