Stuart Laing
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Stuart Laing

Stuart Laing joined Sussex in 1973 as a Lecturer in English. He became Dean of the School of Cultural and Community Studies in 1986 before leaving in 1991.


In 1974 I first started teaching in the television studio. which was a big old studio with cameras with handles you turned round to change a lens. On one of the contextual courses called 'Artist and Public' I started teaching television with some of the people in what was then Media Services Unit I think. And for me that was very interesting. I had no experience and no idea what we were doing. We had a different space; we had some primitive technology and the time and curriculum to do that sort of thing in - very exploratory. We made a, in 1977 we made, students made a spoof - not spoof - video on the millennium which sticks in my memory as a project. A few set projects. We did Alice through the Cathode Ray Tube, which was very interesting: split screen, rather chubby mature student doing tweedle-dum and tweedle-dee very well. Some wonderful actress - psychology student - quite a shy person, I can't remember her name played Alice. And a wonderful scene they created of her waking up out of a dream to some Pink Floyd music which was beautifully sort of soothing. And some of those things. Very, very creative but not based on any educational theory really. I think the television people knew what they were doing. I certainly didn't. But the contextual space gave a chance to explore some of those things. And the students in that group, students were probably eight to ten students from seven or eight different subjects: psychology, social policy, English, history of art - working together on things. Learning about the nature of television; learning about the nature of creativity; learning about the nature of how you think about, how you communicate ideas.

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