Lorinda Holness
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Lorinda Holness

Lorinda Holness joined Sussex in 1989 as Residential Services Manager.


The East Slope area is one of the most popular areas of residence that we have and in terms of how it was designed it was very much, although I wasn't around at the time, it was developed in the mid-'70's it was very much a student-led design. They, at the time, my understanding is that, the University wanted to build another Park House but the students union and the student body at the time said no, we would like something different and they came up with the design for the East Slope area and it has worked. Its worked on a number of fronts because the students really do like living in the East Slope area. It is the area that they all say, it is really communal and really social and what we now have to try and capture is what is it about East Slope that works so well for students that we can put into a new scheme whilst we still have to meet the newer and increased building regulations and health and safety regulations that we have to achieve in terms of new developments, so it's getting to be quite a balancing act really.

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