Sir Leslie Fielding
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Sir Leslie Fielding

Sir Leslie Fielding, Vice-Chancellor 1987-1992.


I did find intact the thing I'd known about Sussex which was that it was a university with some kind of moral conscience. It stood for something: it had ideals. The Mandela scholarships for blacks to come from South Africa to get a university education who were victims of apartheid - that was splendid. I gave eight per cent of my salary for that. I liked the Sussex Inner-London scheme to encourage particularly black men but also black women, to take advantage and perhaps ease a bit fairly stringent entry requirements to get them in. And providing they were motivated, help them in that way. The presence on the campus of the overseas development institute, half in the university and half out. The ambiance was good. It was a place that had a heart. And as beneath my controlled, foreign office exterior I am a warm and emotional man, that rang a bell with me. It really did.

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