Charles Dudley
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Charles Dudley

Charles Dudley joined Sussex in 1976 initially working in Admissions. He is currently Director of Residential, Sport and Trading Services.


When I came to Sussex a few, a number of things that struck me - one is that I felt as a university, having been in the university sector as a student and knew a reasonable amount about it, I felt that Sussex had somewhat kept its light under a bushel and as much---when I came here, I'd always thought of it as many people did as a liberal arts institution, but then when I saw the quality of the science and some of the scientists there, it rather took me aback, and felt that that message hadn't been getting out there. And certainly that's how we approached it in the admissions office to try and redress that balance. But a lot of people who had come in the sixties and seventies had been on very much an exciting growth agenda , we were the first of the new universities and we were recreating the map of learning as they said at the time, and a lot of people were being asked about how they saw their programme developing , how they'd like to plan their new laboratory, how they would see this develop, and the whole curriculum developing and suddenly we got into the eighties and really for the first time the chill economic winds were beginning to blow with cuts imposed by government - quite severe cuts in certain cases at Sussex -so for the first time people who'd been if you like thinking about the growth agenda and development agenda were suddenly start to thinking for the first time probably what might have to go, what might have to be cut, and I think for a lot of people that was quite a painful time and experience, and the university did change structurally quite radically in the early 1980s.

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