June Flanagan
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June Flanagan

June Flanagan came to Sussex in 1973 as a secretary. She has worked in various departments and offices at the University and currently works for the Pro-Vice-Chancellor International.


One of the duties I had when I worked in the registrar's office was operating the University Seal to seal the certificates for the graduation ceremonies and in those days Geoff Lockwood used to sign every single certificate personally and... I've still got it in the office actually and I use it to seal legal documents and leases and things like that now… At the time he would sign hundreds of these certificates and they'd all be piled up on his desk and then they would have to be sealed and so you'd have to put the certificate underneath the seal over his signature and then twist the top of the seal which would come down and make an impression of the university seal over his certificate. And I had to do this hundreds and hundreds of times so I must've had sealed thousands of certificates... in the years I was working there.

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