Penny Spelling
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Penny Spelling

Penny Spelling studied engineering at Sussex from 1968-1971. She returned in 1976 to work in the administration predominately in admissions becoming Admissions Officer in 1986. She left in 1992.


We didn't have too many women in science as is common with anywhere else. And that was another area that I wanted to try to redress. I think it is difficult. I think it is still difficult. It's not an easy area. What I did is I convened what you would call nowadays, focus groups. I got groups of women students to meet me and to talk about their experience and what they might have found helpful, how they found their learning, what they discovered. And I think they were a lot more articulate than I had been when I was a student because you know they would have gone through the women's movement and therefore been more aware or more conscious of what the experience that they were having. And as a result of that one of the things I did was with Media Services Unit again produce a video which had different women talking about their experience in science, but hopefully from a more kind of constructive and positive viewpoint and talking about what they were doing in science, what gave them a buzz, what they thought was really interesting about it. And that was another video that was available to applicants to look. They could contact us and we would send them a copy.

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