Sue Rowland
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Sue Rowland

Sue Rowland was the Cartographer at Sussex from 1964-2003.


At the time it was a joint job of map curating and cartography so I had the task of looking after all the map collection and issuing maps out and ordering new maps and processing them when they came in. And that was very difficult to do. When you're working on a large drawing board, drawing a map (these maps were for faculty: research and teaching) with pen and ink, if suddenly you have to get up half way through drawing a line or something, its difficult. So I can remember there was a buzzer that the students had to buzz if they wanted my attention. And I would hear then in the corridor saying "You buzz", "No, You buzz", "I'm not going to buzz. Not to that dragon!". And they used to call me the dragon because when they did buzz, I'd say "What!" [Laughter]. So it was then by this time I had an assistant and we still both did both jobs. But then it was decided to split the two jobs and cartography was my love so I concentrated on that.

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