Sybil Oldfield
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Sybil Oldfield

Sybil Oldfield joined Sussex as a lecturer in 1962. She is currently Research Reader in English.


When we started, and you may think this dreadfully lordly of us, we just assumed that the administration was there to help us. And they did. But really and truly the University was about teaching and studying and research and the administration were the enablers, the facilitators. And then, it would be hard for me to say when, but I think it was already in the '80s and Thatcher would almost certainly have had a lot to do with it and Thatcherism, there came this new concept that the administration was our management and we had to do what they said! Well not quite but it was a huge change and it was all to do with money. And that we actually were supposed to be moneymakers. Bring money in. And it wasn't enough that we were teachers and researchers. And some of us were very good at this and could get sponsorship and funding internationally and so on but some of us just didn't know where to start.

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