Carol Kedward
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Carol Kedward

Carol Kedward was one of the first 52 students studying French. She stayed on at Sussex completing a Masters in Social Work in 1967. She was a part-time tutor from 1975 - 1980 on the Social Work MA. She returned to Sussex in 1987 as Lecturer in Social Work and Social Administration retiring as Senior Lecturer in 2006.


One of the things that people used to say when Sussex was still very much teaching in the way it had originally set out to teach was that that kind of non-linear way of approaching things gave you an approach to how you approached the whole of your life; not just intellectual problems or your job or whatever that people found invaluable I think for many generations of students. And one reason why Sussex alumni continue to send their children here is because that's what they hope for. They really did feel that it was a different way of approaching things from a perfectly fine but more traditional, a linear way of approaching something. That this ability to take a lot of things from a range of disciplines and use them to approach problems afresh was a very liberating but also a very problem solving approach to life. So I think there are a lot of people out there whose way of working has been passed on to the people they work with and the people they've taught. Because a lot of people initially at Sussex ended up in education at all sorts of levels. In that sense it really has passed into the fabric of society.

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