Simon Fanshawe
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Simon Fanshawe

Simon Fanshawe was a Law undergraduate from 1975-1978. He became a Council member in 2001 and has been Chair of Council since 2007.


I think that one thing that Sussex absolutely did was that it politically, and I don't mean politically in terms of student activism - I mean its own political antennae as an institution. I think in the 1980s Sussex closed its antennaes down as an institution. That's not to say there weren't people in it but, you know. When I went back for my twenty-fifth anniversary reunion and we had a wonderful panel, and a very dear friend of mine, Tony Moss - very sardonic individual - stood up and said to one of the academics, "Could you just tell us" he said, "In 1979, why did none of you warn us about Thatcherism?" And it was a very, very funny thing to say. I think that Sussex thought it would kind of be able to ride out a period of what it saw as the marketization of education, the involvement of business. Other universities like Warwick and York went "'ello, this is the way the wind's blowing. You know, we'd better get with it". And I think Sussex lost ground and that's one of the reasons why we've had to try and catch up with what has been enormously disruptive and severe for people I know. Its been very, very, um, um, unsettling ride. But essentially, what we're trying to do is get Sussex back into the preeminent position both academically and underpinned financially that it deserves, you know. It's a big brain this place and it's got a lot to do for the world.

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