Roger Daw
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Roger Daw

Roger Daw was one of the first 52 students who started in 1961. After completing his history degree he stayed on as a pioneer on the Certificate in Education.


The first day was extraordinary because we had no idea what a student was. You know - how am I? What do I do? How do I become this thing called a student? And we were all in digs usually paired, some individually, but many of us in pairs in various houses scattered around the kind of Preston Park area of Brighton. And I can remember walking down to 237 Preston Road (London Road rather ) on that first morning with Bob Donnelley, who was my partner in the lodging house, looking for other students - you know, 'What do they look like?' and 'Are we going to fit in with them?' And the first character we met was a wonderful character called Dave Hollman who was I think dressed all in white with white cowboy boots and kind of very exotic gear playing an imaginary double bass, and he looked very different to anything I'd ever been used to before. I was quite surprised a few weeks later to find him sitting next to me putting football boots on and playing in the same football team. But in those first few hours it was a very odd experience finding our way round the limited facilities of Preston Road (coughs) trying to keep the studenty bits apart from faculty areas, going to lectures in a church hall across the road which must've been a very strange experience for the faculty of course.

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