Professor Paul Tofts
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Professor Paul Tofts

Professor Paul Tofts was a Physics postgraduate student from 1970-1974. He returned to Sussex in 2006 as Chair of Imagining Physics.


I was offered a place at Oxford as well and they couldn't understand why I didn't take it, and I tried to explain to them there's a world outside Oxford, which they didn't really understand. To me it was brilliant because I went to a place that was very old, very established, 400 years old, single-sexed education which didn't suit me at all to a place that was completely new and completely modern and was very different from Oxford. It had a good reputation. I think at that time it was considered about the 5th most desirable university in the country because it was modern, the Jay twins, and it was in the newspapers. It was trendy, and it was attracting a lot of smart people from Oxford and Cambridge as new lecturers, so had a very exciting buzz about it.

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