Andy Medhurst
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Andy Medhurst

Andy Medhurst studied English at Sussex from 1977-1980. He returned to Sussex as a lecturer in 1989 and is currently Senior Lecturer in Media Studies.


When I think back, I'm quite envious of myself 20 years ago, the amount of flexibility and the amount of freedom I was given. Because it was a new subject here, we were writing the degree. When I started here there were only 1st and 2nd year courses, we hadn't had a 3rd year yet so I was immediately involved in writing the 3rd year courses which is something that you would never normally do as a new arrival. So I was fortunate to be on the ground floor, if you like. But also I think because I'd had that experience as a student here, previously of doing those school courses that took from different academic areas that had really stayed with me and it meant that I didn't want to teach media studies only to media students. I carved out a space after a few years where about three-quarters of my teaching was on these school courses not on media courses. But I was still looking at media examples and media reference points within the school courses, doing it with a wider range of students. That seemed to be very appropriate to me.

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