Professor Andrew Liddle
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Professor Andrew Liddle

Professor Andrew Liddle joined Sussex in 1989 as a post-doctoral researcher in Physics. After a brief spell at Imperial College in 1998-1999 he returned to Sussex in 2000 as Director of the Sussex Astronomy Centre.


One of the key events that happened was in 2001 there was a research assessment exercise which was a big national assessment of research that decided your funding for many years subsequent to that… Sussex physics had done very badly in all of the previous research assessment exercises, including 1996 when it had only got a grade 3, generating very little funding which was part of the reason why the department was under threat. In 2001, soon after I came back, we had a much more successful entry and we got to Grade 5 - which at the time was almost the highest, there was 5* and then 5 - led by Ed Hinds who was Professor of Laser and Optical Physics at the time. And that was a big turnaround from the department, because suddenly we were again gripped with the strong physics departments of the UK - much more funding came in because of that, and I was part of the team that put it together, but it was Ed Hinds who drove it. And it was really a big success to get us into that position and from then on we were able to build up Physics again.

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