Hilary Lane
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Hilary Lane

Hilary Lane, Visual arts coordinator, Gardner Arts Centre 1974-1983; Director Gardner Arts Gallery 1986-1988.


It was Brighton Festival and Lord Attenborough has a collection of Picasso ceramics and he offered them or talked to us about doing an exhibition of them which was wonderful, also incredibly nerve-wracking because by that time we no longer had a burglar alarm in the gallery and it's a very public and open space. So the brainwave was had, I can't remember whose brainwave it was, I'd like to think it was mine but it probably wasn't, was that we did it in the library in the Barlow Collection. There is a collection of Chinese ceramics in the library permanently and the Barlow Collection agreed to take all their beautiful and wonderful things out of the purpose-built display case for ceramics and we put all their lovely - but it was very, very, very nerve-wracking doing it. Handling any three-dimensional object is always, you know with minimum staff, it is always a scary thing to do but these were very valuable. But it was lovely and it was on during the Brighton Festival and we had one, two, three other exhibitions in the gallery, one in the gallery, one in the foyer and we cleaned out the studio and had another exhibition in there, I can't remember what they were now. So there were four things going on during the month of May for the festival and I won the ZAP award!

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