Professor Cora Kaplan
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Professor Cora Kaplan

Professor Cora Kaplan, Lecturer in American Studies, 1969-1988.


One of the things I really liked about Sussex, which I didn't realise other places didn't have until I moved institutions and looked around a bit was that we always had a transparent system of workloads. And that system of workloads, even in the early days included the professors, and they were expected to do the same amount of teaching as a lecturer basically, even though they did lots of other things that were part of the profession, wrote lots of references and so forth and things like that. And that seemed to me an innovation, and some people came and departed very quickly, at Sussex from Oxbridge when they saw that they were expected to do that kind of work. So there was a democratic ethic somewhere there. I think there was also a lot of informality, we called each other by our first names, we expected the students to do the same.

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