Professor Sir Richard Jolly
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Professor Sir Richard Jolly

Professor Sir Richard Jolly has been associated with the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) since 1969 and is currently Research Associate. He was Director of IDS from 1972 - 1981.


IDS in the first 10-15 years had a number of features that were different from typical University or research institutes and I think showed its very real commitments. Some would say its somewhat holier than thou commitments. For example we had an internal income tax that was based on 50% of anyone's earning over and above their basic salary from consultancies or otherwise. 50% of that would go to the Institute. It is quite a high rate. And then the decision on how that money should be used by popular vote was every year decided by the Institute as a whole with porters, the people who worked in the kitchen, all the secretaries joining in. And for example, one of the early points was well, we're an institute concerned with developing countries and yet the Fellows and the professionals that research stuff keep going off, flying off to developing countries but the secretaries never do have a chance and others never to see. So one of the uses of the, it was called the IDS Fund, was so secretaries could visit and spend a period in developing countries. They didn't want to just go and visit for tourism but to swap with an institution so they could really see how a third-world institution, research institution or library was operating and so forth. So that was one element. Another was that the IDS Fellows voted every year against tenure. At that time, I'm talking about the late '60s and early '70s, tenure was common in universities. But some of us felt that tenure, although important to protect academic freedom as its original rationale, often did mean that people stayed on and coasted too readily.

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