Mary Harrison
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Mary Harrison

Mary Harrison joined Sussex in Estates as an internal mail driver in 1996. She became Arts Buildings Supervisor in 1999 until retirement in 2010.


I think what I shall miss most is the people, because being - particularly starting off in the mail van and now working across a lot of the departments on the campus, I've got to know an awful lot of people and I do have to go out and about a lot to see all the different buildings on campus as well. And so wherever you go, you can't walk out of your office without somebody saying 'Hello' or 'How are you?' or 'How's this?' or 'I'm glad I've seen you, because this isn't working or that's not working.' And you just couldn't go anywhere without seeing probably, I would have thought within a day you say 'Hello' to at least a hundred people and often it's just a case of passing the time of day and saying 'Hello' but that is what I shall miss most about the university. Because there's an awful lot of people who have been here as long as I have if not longer and we've all had to put up with the different changes and we've seen a lot happen here and I feel that we're very much a group of people who know and love the university over the years and have worked hard for it as well, so you feel as though you're quite a little club really and that I think is enjoyable and I shall miss that greatly.

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