Nanette Aldred
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Nanette Aldred

Nanette Aldred came to Sussex as a mature student in 1981 as an Art History undergraduate, whilst undertaking her MA in Art History she began teaching eventually becoming senior lecturer in CCE. She retired in 2010.


Well, the crucial thing that happened in nineteen eighty two in Art History was the excitement of the ideas about Post Modernism and a lot of the students that I was working with were, became very challenging because of these new ideas and so it was an incredibly exciting time in terms of Post Modernist theory because the students were, as certain members of faculty later said, some of the students were actually reading stuff that faculty hadn't come across yet. And so there, it was incredibly exciting intellectually and at that time Sussex had, well still has, English graduate seminars but at that time people used to sort of travel to come to these seminars, there were lots of Post Modernist superstars here at that time and there were some incredibly exciting ideas, and there were some people, not in the Art History department which was very small, but in the School of European Studies and in the literature department who were bringing in, who were exploring these ideas about Post Modernism and bringing in speakers to talk about it. And that was very inspiring.

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