School of Education and Social Work

The Sunflower Room

The University’s family room – now called the Sunflower Room - is located in Norwich House just past York House at the far end of campus. It is available for use by student families on campus free of charge. The Sunflower Room can be booked for any child and/or family-orientated event (eg. parent coffee mornings, children’s birthday parties, etc) when teaching is not happening - including evenings and weekends. The room has kitchen and bathroom facilities, a pleasant seating area, and a garden.

Students can book the Sunflower Room themselves at

If you have any enquiries about the room, please contact the Student Union.


Please ensure you have read and understood the following 'rules of use' BEFORE making a booking:

  1. The Sunflower Room can be used for child and/or family-orientated events (e.g. parent coffee mornings, children's birthday parties, etc) when teaching is not taking place. There is no charge for use of the room (unless it is left untidy or in a state requiring cleaning).
  2. The Sunflower Room is for the use of student parents at the University of Sussex and their families. It can only be reserved by someone with a valid Sussex ID.
  3. Pre-approved individuals or groups offering key services to student parents and their families may also use the room.
  4. Individuals or groups wishing to use the room can reserve it themselves at
  5. Room reservations will be handled on a first come - first served basis and can be revoked if they do not meet all requirements set out in these rules
  6. The person who has made the reservation (or a nominated individual identified on the booking form) must be present at the event and obtain the key for the Sunflower Room from York House Security Office, presenting the emailed confirmation of booking and a current/valid Student ID card. This ID card - or another form of ID - will be retained by York House Security until the key is returned. The key must be returned immediately upon leaving the room to enable access by others.
  7. The maximum capacity of the Sunflower Room is 36 persons with no more than 32 children at any one time.  There must be at least two adults present at all times during an event.
  8. No smoking, alcohol or illegal activity of any kind is permitted in the Sunflower Room.
  9. Details of any external speakers, exhibitors or entertainers must be given on the booking form.
  10. Soft drinks may be consumed in the Sunflower Room, but the room must be left clean and tidy. Any/all rubbish must be removed - can be put in the skips outside the back door.
  11. Any decorations, visual aids or other materials used in the room must be removed before leaving.
  12. The Sunflower Room, its kitchen area and toilets must be left in a clean and tidy condition after each event. All rubbish/recycling must be taken away with you; furniture put back in an orderly manner; and the kitchen cleaned. The cost of any damage to the room and its contents, or any cleaning fees incurred as a result of mismanagement of the space, will be charged to the person identified on the booking form.
  13. Repeated failure to return the Sunflower Room to a clean and orderly condition after an event will result in the involved parties being prevented from booking the space again.
  14. Sunflower Room users must check that all doors and windows are securely closed and locked with the lights turned off before leaving after an event.
  15. There are teaching resources in the room that are not for general use. Please be respectful and do not use items stored in cupboards and ensure that children do not touch the interactive screen.
  16. Sunflower Room users are responsible for undertaking their own safety checks prior to use of the room and garden, and are responsible for the health and safety of all occupants throughout the reservation period. Appropriate adequate adult supervision must be provided for all events.
  17. Those booking the Sunflower Room use the space at their own risk. The University and the School of Education and Social Work accept no liability in respect of any loss, theft, damage or injury incurred.
  18. Commercial use of the Sunflower Room is not permitted under any circumstances
  19. Failure to observe these rules could result in the use of the Sunflower Room being withdrawn by the University.