School of Education and Social Work

Copyright regulations

If you create study packs or are otherwise in a position where you disseminate excerpts from published materials - in hard copy format or electronically - to students for review, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have checked that the publication in question is covered by the CLA (Copyright Licensing Agency) and that your use of the material does not contravene copyright law. 

You may find the following checklist useful for a quick rundown of issues to be considered:

Relevant to hard copy (photocopied) AND scanned/electronic material

  • Is the publication owned by the University?
  • How widely is the excerpt to be distributed, ie. in hard copy or for download from Study Direct only to those students on a programme?
  • How much of the entire published works is to be used/reviewed, ie. not more than one complete chapter of a book or journal / not more than one poem or short story not exceeding 10 pages OR not more than 5% of the total volume.
  • What country was the work published in? Certain countries are not covered by the CLA and, therefore, works from publishers in those countries are disallowed for dissemination for education (or any other) purposes. Check the CLA website for international territories covered by the CLA licence.
  • Is the publication 'within copyright', ie. copyright issues must be considered if the author has not been dead 70+ years or if a revised version/layout of the volume is not older than 25 years.
  • Has the publication been 'excluded' by the CLA? Check the CLA website for exclusions.
  • Type of material to be disseminated, ie. sheet music and maps are not covered by the CLA.

Relevant to paper (hard copy) distribution only

  • What country was the work published in? No works to be used from Indian publishers.

Relevant to electronic dissemination only

  • Authorisation for use MUST be sought from School Administrator, Chris Leggatt (acting as the 'Designated Person' under the licence).
  • All material made available electronically MUST be logged on the Data Record Sheet.  This is available on the G drive under esw-school / Staff Info (let Heather Stanley know if you do not have access to the G drive or this folder and she will arrange for the relevant access).  Please add your entry to the bottom of those already listed so that one comprehensive record exists for the whole school.  Re-save the Data Record Sheet with your addition to the same place so that other's entries can follow on from yours. 
    Completed record sheets are submitted by the School Administrator to the Licence Coordinator (Alan Soutter) at the end of July 2011.
  • A Copyright Notice [DOCX 12.36KB] must be attached to any scan request sent to the Print Unit
  • What country was the work published in? No material generated by German, Danish or Indian publishers is allowed for electronic dissemination.
  • Check if the University Library already holds an electronic version of the work and, if so, you should link to this in Study Direct rather than scanning from the printed volume.
  • Access must be limited to only those enrolled on a programme for the duration of the programme. This can be ensured by enabling access via Study Direct only and deleting scanned extracts at the end of the programme - unless required for the following year.
    Details of re-used material must be logged as a new item on the Data Record Sheet for each different/subsequent year it is used.

It is recommended that you refer to the Library's own web pages regarding copyright regulations if you are in any doubt as to the copyright status of a particular work.