I am the module leader for:

  • Human Development and Social Relationship (MASW Year 1)
  • Working with Adults, their Family and Carers (BASW Level 2)
  • Situating Social Work (MASW Year 2)

I also contribute to the following modules:

  • Introduction to Professional Learning and Development (BASW Level 1)
  • Contexts of Social Work (BASW Level 1)
  • Values, Ethics and Theories (BASW Level 1)
  • Practice Learning (BASW Level 2)
  • Research Method (BASW Level 2&3)
  • Human Development and Social Relationships (MASW Year 1)
  • Dissertation (BASW and MASW)
  • Dementia Care (MSc in Dementia Studies, Brighton and Sussex Medical School)