School of Education and Social Work

Mathematics Education Studies

(BA) Mathematics Education Studies

Entry for 2008

FHEQ level

This course is set at Level 6 in the national Framework for Higher Education Qualifications.

Please Note

The programme specification below is for illustrative purposes. Please contact the School Administrator (Curriculum) for more detailed information.

Course Aims

To provide an integrated programme of study which combines mathematics and education in order to prepare students for training to teach mathematics at key stages 2 and 3 or 3 and 4
To develop students' knowledge, skills and understanding of mathematics at a level appropriate for teaching in schools
To provide understanding of how mathematics is learned
To develop students' knowledge of and ability to apply the pedagogy associated with mathematics.

A. Knowledge and Understanding

(i) their own development as learners
(ii) learning processes and their impact on educational practice in a range of contexts, particularly with respect to Mathematics
(iii) some key paradigms and methods in school-based research
(iv) some aspects of Professional Values and Practice (QTT 1)
(v) some aspects of planning, expectations and targets (QTT 3.1)
(vi) some aspects of monitoring and assessment (QTT 3.2)
(vii) some aspects of teaching and class management (QTT 3.3)
(viii) some aspects of knowledge & understanding of NC & Key Stage 3 strategy (QTT 2)
(ix) knowledge of historical, social and cultural contexts for learning & doing maths
(x) a new area of maths.

B. Intellectual Skills

A variety of learning and teaching methods will be used over the three years of the programme. A key aim is to enable students to draw on the range of pedagogic practices they encounter both in school and in the university, in order to help them reflect on and evaluate pedagogical methodology. Methods will include: lectures; seminars, mainly tutor-led in level 1 courses with students gradually taking responsibility for leading parts of, and then whole seminars in level 3 courses; tutorials; and workshops in which collaborative and other approaches to learning will be explored, including the use of ICT. In Year 3, there will be a supervised research project (level 3), and placement-based directed tasks. A needs analysis (linked to QTT, 2002) will inform more independent study within level 3, year 3 courses.

C. Practical Skills

(i) be able to research a topic, including conducting a literature search;
(ii) be able to use and process information including effective use of ICT;(
iii) be able to observe, describe and record classroom transactions, accurately and sensitively, whilst maintaining academic and professional distance;
(iv) have begun to put into practice the processes of planning and assessment (towards QTT 3.1 and 3.2);(v) have begun to demonstrate skills in relation to teaching and class management (towards QTT 3.3);
(vi) be able to demonstrate skills of organisation and management (e.g. of resources and time);
(vii) be able to more effectively support learning in the classroom

Full-time course composition

YearTermStatusModuleCreditsFHEQ level
1Autumn TermMandatory for progressClassroom Environments (X1000)305
 Spring TermMandatory for progressProfessional Characteristics-L2 (X1001H)305
 Summer TermMandatory for progressTeaching Skills (X1002)306
 Undergraduate Academic YearMandatory for progressProfessional Development Work in Schools 1 (X1009)304
YearTermStatusModuleCreditsFHEQ level
2Autumn and Spring TermsMandatory for progressMathematical Thinking A (X1032)304
 Spring and Summer TermsMandatory for progressMathematical Thinking B (X1033)304
 Undergraduate Academic YearMandatory for progressMathematics as a Human Activity (X1017)305
  Professional Development Work in Schools 2 (X1011)305
YearTermStatusModuleCreditsFHEQ level
3Autumn TermCoreStatistics for Economics and Finance (L1022)125
  Mandatory for progressIndependent Mathematics Project (X1024)306
 Spring and Summer TermsCoreMathematical Skills for Engineering and Design (G5109)184
  Mandatory for progressPractice-based Research Project (X1015)306
 Undergraduate Academic YearMandatory for progressProfessional Development Work in Schools 3 (X1014)306

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