Centre for Innovation and Research in Childhood and Youth

Doctoral researchers

The following are doctoral researchers currently linked to CIRCY:

  • Yusef Bakkali (Sociology)
    Working title: Life on road: Youth and urban living in the now
    Supervisors: Rachel Thomson (Social Work), Susie Scott (Sociology)
  • Leethen Bartholomew (Social Work)
    Working title: Accusations of child spirit possession and witchcraft: Experiences and outcomes for non-accused children within the same family network
    Supervisors: Elaine Sharland, Russell Whiting (both Social Work)
  • Helen Drew (Mental Health)
    Working title: Supporting the mental health of looked-after children across the primary to secondary transition
    Supervisor: Robin Banerjee (Psychology)
  • Matthew Ellis (Social Work)
    Working title: Young people, harmful sexual behaviour and identity: How do young peoples’ narratives develop during treatment for harmful sexual behaviour?
    Supervisors: Michelle Lefevre, Rachel Thomson (both Social Work)
  • Owen Emmerson (History)
    Working title: Childhood and the emotion of corporal punishment 1938-1986
    Supervisors: Claire Langhamer and Lucy Robinson (both History)
  • Tracey Fuller (Education)
    Working title: ‘Can I Trust You?’ Ethics considerations for secondary school counsellors in information sharing and multi-professional working
    Supervisors: Janet Boddy (Education), Michelle Lefevre (Social Work)
  • Fawzia Haeri Mazanderani (Education)
    Working title: 'A map without direction?’ The experiences, perceptions and practices of previously disadvantaged youth navigating post-school opportunities in South Africa
    Supervisors: Barbara Crossouard, John Pryor (both Education)
  • Jenny Hewitt (Social Work)
    Working title: How do UK young adults’ experience civic and political engagement in their everyday lives?
    Supervisors: Sevasti-Melissa Nolas (Social Work), Janet Boddy (Education)
  • Perpetua Kirby (Education)
    Working title: An exploration of primary school children’s agency in learning
    Supervisors: Colleen McLaughlin (external – formerly Education), Sevasti-Melissa Nolas (Social Work)
  • Sandra Lyndon (Education)
    Working title: An exploration of Early Years Practitioners’ narratives of child poverty in England
    Supervisors: Janet Boddy, Louise Gazeley (both Education)
  • Manuel Cruz Martinez (Education/Sussex Humanities Lab)
    Working title: The capabilities of video games to explore history
    Supervisors: Liam Berriman (Digital Humanities), Kate Howland (Informatics), Simon Thompson (Education)
  • Cynthia Okpokiri (Social Work)
    Working title: First generation Nigerian immigrant parents and child welfare issues in Britain
    Supervisors: Elaine Sharland, Rachel Thomson (both Social Work)
  • Tasleem Rana (Social Work)
    Working title: Against the odds? A case study of developing community participation with vulnerable inner-city children and young people 
    Supervisors: Sevasti-Melissa Nolas, Rachel Thomson (both Social Work)
  • Paul Shuttleworth (Social Work)
    Working title: A critical analysis of kinship care for policy and practice (SENSS funding 3 years?)
    Supervisors: Barry Luckock, Russell Whiting (both Social Work)
  • Louise Sims (Social Work)
    Working title: What can be learned from the practice encounter in adoption support social work?
    Supervisors: Barry Luckock, Gillian Ruch (both Social Work)
  • Roma Thomas (Social Work)
    Working title: Doing Boy Work? Young masculine subjectivities and professional practice 
    Supervisors: Kristine Hickle, Gillian Ruch (both Social Work)
  • Elsie Whittington (Social Work)
    Working title: Participatory processes with young people: exploring sexual consent
    Supervisors: Ben Fincham (Sociology), Rachel Thomson (Social Work)