Equality and Diversity

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender

A guide for employers and employees by ACAS

Sexual orientation and the work place [pdf]

These Regulations apply to vocational training and all facets of employment - including recruitment, terms and conditions, promotions, transfers, dismissals and training.

Employing People in Higher education: Sexual Orientation

A comprehensive overview of the new legal position. Consideration of the broader social framework and exploration of the subtleties of discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation. Guidance to equip institutions with practical and effective methods of implementing and achieving equality of opportunity in relation to sexual orientation.Employing People in Higher education: Sexual Orientation [pdf]

Also available as a word document [doc]

Guidance from the Equality Challenge Unit

FAQs in relation to trans staff and students

Guidance on supporting trans staff and students

Advancing LGB equality - Improving the experience of lesbian, gay and bisexual staff and students in higher education [pdf]


The experience of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans staff and students in higer education [pdf]

Your rights as an employee - Equal Opportunities Commission

Transgender and Work [pdf]

Guidance by the TUC on monitoring LGBT workers

tuc-monitoring LGBT workers [pdf - 226kb]

The Centre for the Study of Sexual Dissidence

The The Centre for the Study of Sexual Dissidence at Sussex draws together existing work, and promotes new work, on texts and issues in lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, transsexual and transgender studies, and on their intersections with imperatives of race, gender and class. The emphasis is upon representations in literature, the media and other cultural modes, both historically and in the present. The overall goals are an exchange of ideas and a broadening and deepening of research -aspirations that are apparent in both the teaching and the research fostered by the Centre.

USSU LGBTQ Representatives and USSU LGBTQ Group

Contact the current LGBTQ Representatives on lgbtqstudents@ussu.sussex.ac.uk

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Details of the Adoption and Children Act 2002


Civil partnerships: Link to frequently asked questions (from the UNISON pages)

Sussex University LGBTQ

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