School of English

Prof Richard Murphy

Post:Visiting Professor of German Comparative Literature and Film (English)
Location:ARTS B
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Some recent publications:

"History, Fiction, and the Avant-Garde: Narrativisation and the Event"
Phrasis, Vol 48.1 (2007) 83-103.

"Modernism and the Cinema: 'Metropolis' and the Expressionist Aesthetic" Comparative Critical Studies, Vol 4 (2006) 105-120.

"Expressionism and Modernism" The Blackwell Companion to Modernism (2005).

"The Act of Viewing: Iser, Bordwell and the 'post-theory' debates in contemporary film studies" Comparative Critical Studies, Vol 1 (2004) 119-145.

"The Marginalisation of Art: The Avant-Garde, De-Realisation, and the Art Attack" Nordlit, Vol 21 (2007) 5-19.

Theorising the Avant-Garde: Modernism Expressionism and the Problem of Postmodernity, Cambridge University Press, 1999.



Currently supervising DPhil theses on:

Thomas Pynchon, Postmodernism and Contemporary French Thought

Metalepsis and Self-Reflexive Cinema

Reception Theory, The Viewer and Film

Bollywood, Postmodernism and Contemporary Cinema

Anxiety in Contemporary American Literature and Film

Masculinity and Contemporary British Cinema

Zizek, Lacan and Cinema

Foreignness and Transnational Cinema: Modernity, Postmodernity, Nation