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Postgraduate Research Student Progression Review

The 2019 Progression Review has not yet been announced. Although there will be some minor changes in the way the process is run this year you may still like to familiarise yourself with the information below.


Deadline: 15th of July 2019


All the information you need to complete your progression review (including where you submit the assignment) is now on Canvas: 


The same information is available to supervisors here: Progression Review - information for supervisors [PDF 221.29KB]


Uploading your finished review

To Submit your Progression Review please upload your documents to Canvas under the Progression Review assignment.

PGR Canvas Site:

Change of Registration Documents

All official forms are on the Research Student Administration Pages.

Official Policies and Guidance

For the most up to date University handbook for Doctoral Researchers visit:

The Research Student Administration Office offers information about the key stages of your research degree, as well as explaining the process of submitting your thesis and the examination process.

Frequently Asked Questions for the Postgraduate Research Annual Review

Please click on a heading below for answers to these frequently asked questions.

Parts A, B, and C are completed online by following the links above.

The Progression Review is a formal assessment of progress for all postgraduate research students, the outcome of which determines whether you are allowed to re-register as a student. If you reach an unsatisfactory review your registration may be discontinued.

Please see the timetable which sets out the timings for the Progression Review and Interim Appraisal.

Please read the relevant section on Canvas.

After the deadline date we will need to process your re-registration within the School. This is clearing the academic conditions, so if you are getting the response ‘academic conditions not met’, this is what’s happening. We then forward our recommendation to the Universities central Administration who also take some time to process each re-registration. In all, this can take a couple of weeks. If you are getting a message about financial reasons please contact Student Accounts centrally.

Pre-submission status is a type of registration. In short, it means that you have completed your research work and you are currently writing up your thesis. The fees are considerably lower but you will have limited access to University resources. You must discuss it with your Main Supervisor first. This does not automatically extend your end date and any change to this needs to be applied for separately (see Extension next).

Extension: When you start at the University an End Date is calculated for you based on your degree and mode of attendance (you can check the date on your Sussex Direct page). You have until this date to submit your thesis. In exceptional circumstances you may need to extend this period of time, you will need to formally apply for an extension.

You should be working with your supervisor to arrange your committee meeting. If you are unable to contact your supervisor after numerous attempts please contact Luke Scott.

Generally you should follow the process in the School of your Main Supervisor. You can check with your second supervisor’s School to see what their policy is. If you have a 50/50 split or are unsure, contact Luke Scott.

If possible, yes please.

Your ‘maximum date’ OR ‘end date’ is the latest date by which you can submit your Thesis. To find it: log on to your Sussex Direct. Under the Course tab you will find your start date and end date.

A PhD should take between 3 – 3 ½ years full-time, and 4 – 5 years part-time.

In the first few months of starting your degree course you should have completed a skills audit / training needs analysis with your supervisor. A copy of the audit should be uploaded as part of your Progression Review documentation (if you are a first year). Please contact Luke Scott if you have not completed a skills audit.

Whilst considering your training needs you might also want to refer to your training record. Your training record can be can found within the personal menu of Sussex Direct. This will list what centrally run courses you have attended at Sussex and may assist you when you come to write your CV and applications for employment.

Contact your second Supervisor to discuss the issues. If you have further concerns please contact the Director of Doctoral Studies, Martin White

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