School of Engineering and Informatics (for staff and students)

Mid-year Survey

Deadline: 14th of June


The purpose of the Mid-year Survey is to provide an early realistic appraisal on the student's progress to date.  The Mid-year Survey will take place depending on when you started your study and can be checked on the timetable. The survey is purely advisory and will not directly affect your registration status.

Purposes of the Mid-year Survey:

For students:
  • To provide an early realistic appraisal of whether students are on track to complete a good PhD or MPhil within the allowed time, given their progress to date.
  • To reassure students who are making satisfactory progress.
  • To give students who are not progressing well sufficient notice so that they have an opportunity to improve before the annual review.
  • To identify specific areas for development to which students should pay particular attention.
  • To encourage students to access addition sources of support, if required.
 For supervisors:
  • To encourage supervisors to reflect on the student’s progress and their aptitude for PhD/MPhil level research. 
  • To ensure supervisors communicate clearly to students whether their progress is satisfactory or not.
  • To highlight to the student’s annual review committee any concerns about the student’s progress, which should be specifically addressed at the annual review.
  • To flag to the Director of Doctoral Studies and Research Degrees Committee potential issues concerning progress.

How to complete your Mid-year Survey:

The survey is completed in the form of an online survey. At the appropriate time of year (see timetable) complete the online forms which you will find here:

School of Engineering and Informatics (for staff and students)

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