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An Intermission is a break in your studies granted under exceptional circumstrances. There may be a number of reasons why you need a break in your studies, e.g. financial, health, or other personal reasons. First consult your main supervisor who must support your request.

Further information on Intermission and how to apply

Pre-submission Status (formally known as 'Continuation') is a type of registration. It means that you have completed your research work and you are currently writing up your thesis. The fees are considerably lower but you will have limited access to University resources. You must discuss it with your Main Supervisor first. This does not automatically extend your end date and any change to this needs to be applied for separately (see Extension).

Further information on Intermission and how to apply

When you start at the University an end date is calculated for you based on your degree and mode of attendance (you can check the date on your Sussex Direct page).  You have until this date to submit your thesis.  In exceptional circumstances you may need to extend this period of time, you will need to formally apply for an extension.

Further information on Intermission and how to apply

There are a number of ways you can find assistance. First of all you should discuss your issues with your main supervisor, alternatively you can contact your second supervisor to meet with you. If you cannot resolve the matter with either of your supervisors you may also contact the Director of Doctoral Studies -  Peter Cheng.

If you wish to access support services outside of the School please refer to the 'Support and Contacts' webpage [page under construction].

Students registered part time normally take six years to complete the PhD, and may apply to transfer to continuation status after a minimum of three years. Part time registration is considered to be equivalent to 60% of full time registration, and you should agree with your supervisors on the frequency of supervisory meetings. As is the case for full time students, your research progress is reviewed annually and is an important process.


You might need to change your supervisor if the direction of research has changed or if you haven't yet got a 2nd supervisor. All changes need to be approved by the Director of Doctoral Studies. You will need to complete and return the following form to Luke Scott:

More information on changing my supervisor

The Annual Review is a formal assessment of progress for all postgraduate research students, the outcome of which determines whether you are allowed to re-register as a student.  If the outcome of the review is unsatisfactory your registration may be discontinued.  

More information on the Annual Review process

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