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As pioneers of the model of school-based teacher training over 50 years ago, the approach of learning through practical teaching in the Sussex ITE Partnership continues to underpin our courses and trainees’ preparation for meeting the Teachers’ Standards (DfE, 2012).

Our Partnership is distinctive in its delivery of ITE provision. The most significant aspect is that it is a collaborative enterprise between yourselves as participating schools and the University. We believe that trainees come to understand the nature of professional knowledge and learn the practical skills of teaching by working alongside experienced colleagues in our Partnership of schools. Trainees observe, collaborate and are supported by the best classroom practitioners.

As a Partnership, we are committed to high quality, evidenced-based teacher education inspired by best classroom practice and we are engaged in teaching together as an intellectual and ethical vocation. Collectively we recognise, support and develop a generation of reflective practitioners who are ready, willing and able to make a meaningful and tangible difference to the students in our schools; raising the achievement of all their pupils by being innovative, challenging and creative in their teaching.

We also recognise that our Partnership is mutually beneficial in that we know we can all learn and go on learning from each other in our collective engagement with evidence-based practice and continuing professional development. Our aim is to provide trainees with a coherent training programme shared between schools and the university.

We thank all of our partner schools, past and present, for their work, which has not gone unnoticed by our trainees or by Ofsted. In our recent external examiner and inspection reports, the high-quality work and professional judgements of our school partners have been regularly commended, helping to maintain our Partnership as one of the country’s leading ITE providers (see Myhill report 2019 and Newton report 2020).



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