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Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs)

Getting the right start to your teaching career is essential. Your training involved a high degree of investment - not just in terms of training costs to you and the government, but also in terms of your time and personal sacrifices made. As a provider of high quality teacher training, the Department of Education at the University of Sussex sees its investment in you as critical to the success of your future career. If you trained to teach with us - whether on a PGCE course or on one of the new routes into teaching such as School Direct - we want to keep in touch with you and be involved with your development as a teacher. Often, our former trainees return to us as Mentors or as students on other courses, such as Masters degrees or PhDs. Helping you to grow and develop professionally is part of our legacy.

The first stage of your development is completing your induction year as a newly qualified teacher (NQT). In September 2012 some major changes took place and the standards for teachers were revised and updated, along with the guidance for those completing induction. In order to develop and strengthen our links with you, this page offers help, advice and links to information on other websites to help you organise and get through your NQT induction year.

As a Department, we hope to be able to provide early professional development for NQTs via meetings, courses and events aimed at easing your transition into the teaching profession. You may, therefore, want to bookmark this page and re-visit it periodically for updates, news, and information about NQT courses/events.

Some of our NQT colleagues have identified a number of support needs and suggestions for how these could be provided. We are compiling a Manifesto for NQR Support [DOCX 16.86KB] and welcome YOUR suggestions. Please contact Rob at The final document will be passed on to Professional Tutors.


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