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Leading mind on Brexit highlights economic risks and impact

23 June 2017

L. Alan Winters spoke at two high-profile events this week on the subject of the risks associated with Brexit and likely impacts on the economy

Public-engagement Sussex Impact Award for the UK Trade Policy Observatory

16 June 2017

The UKTPO team have received a Sussex Impact Award for public engagement in recognition of their role explaining trade policy to key influencers.

Summer improvement works taking place in the Library

14 June 2017

Over the summer, the Library will be carrying out improvements in order to enhance access to the books and resources available to our users.

UKTPO publishes analysis of trade policy in 2017 General Election manifestos

2 June 2017

Fellows of the UK Trade Policy Observatory (UKTPO) have collaborated on a series of blog posts reviewing what the main political parties say about...

‘Heat island’ effect could double climate change costs for world’s cities

29 May 2017

Overheated cities face climate change costs at least twice as big as the rest of the world because of the ‘urban heat island’ effect.

Thatcher, Reagan and Robin Hood: a history of modern wealth inequality

9 May 2017

Persistently high rates of income or wealth inequality are bad for social cohesion, political inclusion and crime. The evidence for this is...

Delaying marriage in developing countries benefits children

4 April 2017

Delaying the marriage age of young women in parts of the developing world has significant positive effects for their children, a new study shows.

Sussex trade expert says UK in for 'hard pounding' in US negotiations

3 March 2017

An expert in international trade at Sussex has warned that the UK should expect a 'hard pounding' in forthcoming negotitations with the...

Second round of the Harry Kroto Fellowships launched

22 February 2017

The Fellowships, named after Professor Sir Harry Kroto, aim to enable Sussex's brightest research talent to develop collaborative research overseas.

Child obesity ‘35-40%’ inherited from parents, study finds

20 February 2017

Around 35-40 per cent of a child’s BMI – how fat or thin they are – is inherited from their parents, a new study has found.

Items 1 to 10 of 81

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