Dr Damodaran teaches the following:

Undergraduate courses
Indian Civil Disobedience, South Asian since 1880, Empires and Images, Nature and History, Race, ethnicity and nationalism. She also teaches her special subject on End of empire; nationalism, decolonisation and the emergence of the nation state in India, 1937-51

Graduate courses
Include convening the M.A. programme at CDE entitled Globalisation, ethnicity and culture and the Contemporary History M.A. option Empire, science and environment. She also has supervised several Dphil students working in the field of environmental history and on the social, political and cultural aspects of South Asia.

Recent Dphil students include;

1. Pin Hsien Wu ' Formation of Environmental movements in China and India; a case study of mining' (completed)

2. Zahid Khalid, '  The  environmental history of Bhawalpur, Pakistan' (ongoing)

3.  Astrid Zajband, 'German Rabbis in british exile' (Completed)

4. Fu Juan Chen, 'Self strengthening movement in China' (ongoing)

5. Sumanas Koulagi, 'Human energy based livlihood in the Khadi sector in India' (ongoing)

6. Erica Gibb, 'of Plants and men:Transnational networks, ethnobotany, and global perceptions of race, nature and environment in China, 1854-1911'(intermitted)

7. Saumya Ranjan Nath,' Environmental history, Governance, and Resistance in colonial and post-colonial India: An ethno-narrative study of the sacred landscapes of theDongaria Konds in Odisha, India' (ongoing)

8. Preeti X, 'Educating the Peasants: Science, Modernity and Agricultural Education in rural north India, 1880- 1930' (ongoing)

She is currently mentoring several post doctoral fellows at the Centre for World Environmental History