Creative Technology


The Interactive Systems research group operates two labs: the Computer Graphics Centre and the Human Centred Technology Lab:

The Computer Graphics Centre (CGC) is located in Chichester 1, 128 where most of our PhD students share an open plan air-conditioned research office space (the CGC Lab).  All students in CGC tend to use iMacs or Mac Book Pros for their day-to-day research computing needs, but research students also have access to both Informatics Department and University IT Services computing and network infrastructure — Informatics teaching labs are located in the same building. CGC also has a meeting room, which doubles as an experimental space, and several academic faculty offices (White, belof, Newbury, Watten) located next to the main CGC research lab (Chichester 1, 128). The informatics department IT Services manages CGC student and faculty computers, which are imaged with all the necessary document processing and software needed for research purposes.  

The CGC also manages the Informatics Media Technology Lab (MTL) and associated film studios, who's resources are available for postgraduate research projects. 

The Human Centred Design laboratory facilities are located in Chichester 2, and include the IDEAS and INTERACTIVE Labs, which are equipped with cutting edge prototyping facilities including high-end simulation workstations, sensor and tracking systems, as well as a flexible testing area for multisensory research — the main research domain of Dr Marianna Obrist. These labs also have meeting and experimental rooms, as well as shared office space for PhD students and academic offices located near by (Good, Howland, Obrist, du Boulay).