University Counselling Services


UCS runs groups and courses to help students with specific issues


Managing Anxiety Group

A classroom style programme to learn how to overcome Panic Attacks in a safe and supportive environment with other who experience panic

This course is for people who find that they experience strong physical symptoms and who want to find ways to deal with and manage them. Sometimes people will be aware that these physical symptoms are anxiety, at other times people will struggle to believe they are, thinking there is another health related diagnosis. This series may be beneficial for both groups of people.

You may have found that your symptoms cause you to want to avoid certain, places, people or things. Indeed, it is common that people would want to avoid attending this course because talking or thinking about about it can trigger symptoms.

Low Mood Group

This is a safe and supportive classroom style programme to manage low mood and/or depression.

This course is for people who experience a variety of symptoms associated with low mood or depression and want to find ways to deal with and manage them. It is suitable for people who are feeling a bit low as well as people who think/ know they have depression.



For enquiries about groups email: or call 01273 678 156