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Silver Cloud - an online self-help application

A computer-based system offering therapeutic programmes. Delivered online, these aim to offer information and self-help support for students and staff experiencing problems.

There are four programmes on offer to Students and Staff:

  • space from anxiety    
  • space from depression    
  • space from stress    
  • space from eating issues.

You will need to supply your Sussex email address to register.

Each programme consist of six or seven modules, to be completed in your own time and at your own pace, over six to eight weeks. Each module contains text, video and audio clips as well as activities and quizzes that you can complete as you go along.

Signing up

  • sign up to University of Sussex Silver Cloud
  • select the programme you would like to use
  • fill in username and password – you will need to remember these. You will also need your University of Sussex email account to sign up
  • you will then be sent a confirmation email
  • the link in the email will take you to some questionnaires you are required to complete
  • read through the statements and don’t forget to tick the box
  • the programme is ready to use!

If you encounter any problems, you can send an email to

We would also appreciate any feedback about the programmes to make them as effective as possible.

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UCS is not open on Bank Holidays or University Closure Days

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