Shale gas could increase global gas resources by 50%

Shale gas could increase global gas resources by some 50%, according to a new report by a team of energy experts, led by Dr Steve Sorrell of the Sussex Energy Group

The report, to the Energy Security Unit of the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, has been produced by a team from University College London's Energy Institute, the Imperial Centre for Energy Policy and Technology and the Sussex Energy Group. The report finds that technically recoverable resources of shale gas may be half as large as those for conventional gas, but there are major uncertainties in resource estimates, even for regions where development is relatively advanced. The majority of studies fail to address this uncertainty, and there are considerable difficulties in comparing and combining estimates from different studies. The report also highlights significant limitations in currently available resource estimation methodologies.

The report (available to download here) formed part of a larger study of unconventional gas resources by the JRC. The full JRC report Unconventional Gas: Potential Energy Market Impacts in the European Union, is available to download here.


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By: Bettina Zenz
Last updated: Thursday, 13 September 2012