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Ideologie und Herrschaftsrationalität - nationalsozialistische Germanisierungspolitik in Polen

Hamburger Edition 2012
Gerhard Wolf


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Algeria: France's Undeclared War

Oxford University Press, 2012
Martin Evans

Drawing upon previously classified archival sources as well as new oral testimonies, this book underlines the conflict of values between the Republican Front and Algerian nationalism, explaining how this clash produced patterns of thought and action, such as the institutionalization of torture and the raising of pro-French Muslim militias, which tragically polarized choices and framed all subsequent stages of the conflict.

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Articles and book chapters

Robinson, Lucy (2012) Explanations of post-traumatic stress disorder in Falklands memoirs: the fragmented self and the collective body. Journal of War and Culture Studies, 5 (1). pp. 91-104. ISSN 1752-6272