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Webfolio access


Access to your webfolio: who can access your webfolio, and how will they?   


Secure hosting, your webfolio and you 

Your webfolio or 'E-CV' is hosted on a secure domain. This means that unlike LinkedIn and Facebook, your webfolio and your details can not be 'googled' within a search engine, or viewed without your permission.  You will always be in control of who views your webfolio.


How to give access to your webfolio

Once you have created your webfolio, you can use the settings within your Sussex Plus account to create a unique web address. You can then send this web link to an employer or to admissions staff. You can set the duration that your viewer has access to your webfolio too.

You can also choose to add your unique web address to your LinkedIn or Facebook profile, if you are happy to share your details on the world wide web.


Receiving feedback on your webfolio

You can submit your webfolio to Career Advisers at the Careers and Employability Centre. Just choose the setting for sending your webfolio to the Sussex Plus gateway. As soon as we recieve your webfolio, you will be assigned a Career Adviser who will be able to provide you with feedback and guidance.


I don't want my webfolio used as an example 

No problem! We do have an examples page to give students an idea of how their webfolio can look. Our examples page

However, we would never publish your webfolio without your permission. We follow University protocol with regards to publishing and marketing. In addition, you have complete technical ownership and control over your Sussex Plus account. Even if you send your webfolio to us through the gateway in order to receive feedback, we would still be unable to publish your webolio. There are extra technical steps required at your end, so don't worry - your details are completely safe.


I would like more help

You can find extensive support materials within your Sussex Plus account, and there is a link to them here too

If you need help, please email We can help you via email, or if you would prefer, we can also arrange for a 1:1 tutorial for you to take you through the technical steps of creating a webfolio. If you would like help with regards to content, please book a session with a Career Adviser.


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Using Sussex Plus

  • Intro to Pebblepad - short video intro to Pebblepad, the system we use to power Sussex Plus
  • Video Tutorial - 2 minute step-by-step guide to creating a webfolio 
  • Get that job - is a paper CV/application form really enough to get a job? This short clip shows how job applications are going h