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CareerHub is our student portal where you can view jobs, book events, ask questions and make appointments. Just log in with your Sussex username and password once you have registered.

You can contact us by email and through Ask a Question in CareerHub.

When you arrive at Sussex you can come to the Student Centre, too.

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How can I find a part-time job?

We advertise student jobs on CareerHub. Each job vacancy will tell you what the jobs involves, how much you will get paid and how to apply. Once you have registered at Sussex, you will be able to log in as a currrent student using your Sussex username and password. 

We always suggest looking out for job ads in Brighton, too, as shops, bars and restaurants often advertise in their windows rather than online. Keep your eyes open!

Find out more about part-time work and local job sites

What sort of part-time jobs am I likely to find now?

Brighton is a tourist city, with a big service sector. There are generally jobs in shops, restaurants and bars to look out for. Things are starting to pick up after a tough couple of years. However, be flexible about what you are prepared to do and broaden your search.

Look out for campus opportunities, too. They will be advertised on CareerHub, so keep looking.

Can you check my CV before I start applying for jobs?

Yes! However, we get very busy at the start of term, so make sure your CV is ready to go before you try to get feedback. Follow these steps:

  1. Use our How to write your CV e-learning course in Canvas to learn the basics, from working out what employers want to what type of CV to use. You will find out what your CV should include, plus how to make it read well and look good. 
  2. Check out our booklet on How to write a CV [PDF 174.65KB]
  3. Use our CV examples to help get the right format for you
  4. Use our CV checklist [PDF 115.81KB] to make sure you have covered everything
  5. Use CV360 to get instant feedback on your CV

You will need to have registered at Sussex before you can access Canvas or CareerHub.

There will be additional online resources and workshops available in the Autumn term, too. Use these first, then you could look to get feedback via an appointment or Ask a Question in CareerHub

How can I get experience if I have no experience?

This is always a tough one. Some jobs will require little to no experience beforehand. However, it's hard to make your application stand out if you don't have much experience. One thing you can do is look to use a skills-based CV, where you can highlight skills gained in other aspects of your life, such as your course or sports and hobbies.

You could also think about volunteering. This is a great way to gain experience, and you can fit it in around your studies. For some careers it can be essential, particularly for international development/charity work, psychology and healthcare.

With the advent of COVID-19, too, there have been more opportunities to volunteer in your local community and online.

Find out more about volunteering in the UK

I am an international student. Can I get a part-time job or do some volunteering?

If you haven't worked in the UK before, you will need a National Insurance Number.

There are likely to be restrictions around the type of work you can do and the hours that you can work, too, if you are on a Student visa. Find out more about working during your studies as an international student.

However, you can volunteer without it affecting your visa and the hours you can work. It's a great way to gain experience in the UK. Find out more about volunteering in the UK

I want to do an internship. What can I do?

Internships aren't always easy to find for first years. Most employers reserve these for the summer of your 2nd year. However, many do offer insight days or weeks instead. These introductory sessions often take place in the Spring with application deadlines between December and February. 

Keep your eye out. There may also be virtual opportunities to consider.

Find out more about insight schemes for first years

My course does not include a placement year. Can I still do one?

Anyone on any undergraduate course at Sussex can do a placement, and it can be extremely valuable when it comes to developing your career thinking and applying for graduate jobs.

Doing a placement might not be the first thing on your mind now, but we would encourage you to start thinking about it this year. We run a placements preparation programme for first years so that you are ready to start applying when you hit your second year.

Find out more about doing a placement

What else can you help me with?

As well as helping to build your skills and experience, we offer a range of careers advice, guidance and information. This includes one-to-one careers and enterprise appointments, virtual events such as workshops and job fairs, and a comprehensive careers website with information and resources on choosing your career, finding experience, applying for jobs, starting your own business and more. We also offer online resources to help with your academic skills, too!