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Accessing CareerHub if you have just graduated

If you have just finished at Sussex you can still access CareerHub for up to three years. However, you will need to create a new password with a personal email address, as you will lose your Sussex email soon. Contact to get you set up.

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  • All appointments will be by telephone or online. The careers consultant will contact you at the allotted time
  • We can telephone UK numbers only. If you are not in the UK, appointments can be by Teams, Zoom or Skype.
  • We will continue to have advance and on-the-day appointments
  • You can attach CVs and other documents from the booking page
  • If you have booked an appointment in advance, you can email your CV to 
  • Book an appointment in CareerHub




I'm in my final year. How can you help me if I don't come back to Sussex?

We offer help and advice up to three years after you finish at Sussex. You can use CareerHub to look for jobs, book our events, ask questions and make appointments. Everything is running virtually at the moment, so events are online (often using Zoom) and appointments will be by phone, Zoom or Skype.

Look out for Your Way Forward in June, our series of online events to help you find your path through the current situation and beyond.

Once your course officially ends, you will need to create a new password to access CareerHub. Look out for an email we will send to the personal email address on our records, as you will lose your Sussex email. Contact to get you set up if you do not receive one.

Is there any point looking for an internship or graduate job at the moment?

The current situation is unprecedented, with some jobs and schemes being cancelled or withdrawn. It is only natural to wonder if there is any point in applying at all, particularly as good applications take time to get right. However, there are still jobs being advertised and lots of employers are contacting us with opportunities. Some summer internships are taking place virtually, and many employers are reluctant to stop their graduate intake completely.

You may have to re-frame your thinking and try different approaches to find jobs, including looking at sectors you may not have thought about before. For example, logistics and supply chain management is a growth area now. Keep looking, keep applying, try to remain positive and use all the support we have available for you, including asking us for help if you need it.

My internship/graduate job has been cancelled, what can I do?

This is a horrible situation to be in. Take some time to re-assess your options. Was it just your particular employer or has the sector been similarly affected? Remember that you have been successful once, so obviously have what employers want. Start looking again. Have a look at jobs on CareerHub, as well as our internships, placements or graduate work pages. Try to include sectors that you haven't thought about before. For example, logistics and supply chain management is a growth area now. Be as flexible as you can, try to keep positive and ask us for help if you need it.

What is a virtual internship and how do I find one?

A virtual internship is a way to gain practical work experience without going to an employer's premises. They are often project-based and involve online mentoring/supervision of some kind. Although virtual internships have been around for a few years, the current situation has seen them grow considerably. You can find them by searching for internships in the usual way, as any being advertised now are likely to be online opportunities. 

However, there are also existing platforms dedicated to providing virtual internships. Inside Sherpa is being used by a number of companies to provide free online work experience programmes. You can also try the Bright Network Internship Experience UK, which offers free 3-day virtual internships in investment banking, technology, operations & marketing, finance & professional services, consulting and commercial law. RateMyPlacement also has a Work Ready Virtual Experience course to help develop your work-readiness to help when you are looking for experience.

Will my placement go ahead? What if it doesn't?

If you have secured a placement, the best thing is to contact the employer and confirm that it is still happening. It might just be postponed for a few months, so check first. We have some advice for you if you are still looking or have had your placement cancelled.

I have lost my part-time job and need to earn some money. What can I do?

There are fewer part-time jobs being advertised right now. Try to look at supermarkets, food production, care work and cleaning for possible opportunities at the moment. Our part-time jobs page has some potential sources you can try.

How do I prepare for an online assessment centre or interview?

Congratulations for getting to this stage! Look at our interviews section for useful advice and links to how to handle telephone or video interviews. You can also get extra training and practise online with Big Interview. You can also do additional online interview practice with Graduates First and receive AI-based feedback. Register for both with your Sussex email or contact us if you have graduated.

Try our assessment centres page if you have one coming up. There are links to practice e-tray exercises, which are likely to be included. You can also use Graduates First if the assessment centre involves selection tests. Here is some more advice on how to stand out at a digital assessment centre from Bright Network.

Can I still apply for postgraduate study?

Probably! There is generally no deadline for postgraduate courses, so it is more a question of whether they are fully subscribed or not. You can contact universities directly to find out. The main issue may be around funding or scholarship deadlines. Check our further study pages for more information on researching courses or finding funding. You can ask any questions or get feedback on your application in CareerHub, or you can book an appointment.

Is there any way to continue to build my skills online? What other learning opportunities are there?

There are thousands of online learning opportunities open to you. You could learn hard skills, such as specific software, or develop business or creative skills in a wide range of areas. Try LinkedIn Learning (just log in with your Sussex account). Other platforms with free courses you can look at include: 

Find more online learning opportunities. If we come across any specific learning opportunities, we will link to them in CareerHub News.

Here are some other ways to boost your career skills from home.

I want to volunteer in my community or online. How can I help?

There are a number of ways you can help at this time through volunteering. Depending on your circumstances these could be in your community or online. Here are some ideas on volunteering during the coronavirus outbreak.

What help can I get with my academic skills now?

You can continue to use Skills Hub for online help. There is specific information available on preparing for online assessments. You can also find webinars and additional resources on the new Skills Hub Canvas site.