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Student views

Placements give you a chance to experience the world of work, to apply what you've learnt on your degree so far and to enhance your employability. Find out about placements from some of our students

Matthew's student perspective

Matthew Chapelle

Before coming to university, I’d never done a full-time job before and I had very little work experience. So, when I saw that the Business & Management degree at Sussex offered a year-long professional placement, I was intrigued and determined to gain some insight into the world of work before graduating.

I managed to secure my placement at the Sussex Innovation Centre (a business incubator that supports business growth which happened to be based on campus). You were treated as if you were any other employee, and so it felt very much like being thrown in the deep end (which was difficult at first, but it was the best way to quickly pick up skills and to learn on the job). With the help and support of the senior management and fellow colleagues, I developed my professional and personal skills which can now be transferred to many different job opportunities and industries.

Having completed a professional placement, I now have invaluable work experience that will be extremely useful when joining thecompetitive graduate job market. I also have an appreciation of the type of work I want to pursue further, as well as areas I want to avoid.

Matthew Chapelle
BSc Business & Management (with a Professional Placement) 
Placement at Sussex Innovation Centre

Samantha's student perspective

Samantha Letts

My Placement year at The Body Shop gave me a really amazing insight into the world of not only marketing which my placement was focused on but also how a broader business functions in order to be successful. I loved working across teams and networking with various people across the business which I truly believe has benefited me in my final year studies. My placement year taught me that I did not want to pursue a career in the role that I was placed in, which I found incredibly helpful as I now have a clearer understanding of the kind of work I do and do not enjoy.

I am fortunate to have kept many connections from my placement who are now helping to find a job when I graduate. I truly believe that placements are invaluable and would recommend them to anyone!

Samantha Letts
BSc Marketing and Management
Placement at The Body Shop

Osher's student perspective

Osher BeveridgeTaking part in the placement scheme wasone of the best decisions I’ve made. I felt it was the right time to gain some experience and apply the knowledge I’d acquired so far. With graduate roles becoming more competitive I knew it was a great way onto a career path. I was inspired by guest speakers and the opportunities well-known brands had to offer.

I secured a placement at IBM and instantly learned so many professional skills that you don’t have access to at university. From the outset IBM gave me a voice and valued my opinion, allowing me toadd value throughout my placement year. I felt a real sense of purpose while I was there and it certainly acclimatised me to the corporate world. They invested heavily in my learning and supported me with my application for a graduate role within the company.

Returning to university, I not only had the benefit of a break from studying and a desire to learn again but an idea of what piqued my interest. Overall, I gained invaluable insights and a foothold into the industry I wish to work, whilst enjoying the whole process.

Osher Beveridge
BSc International Business (with a Professional Placement) 
Placement at IBM