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Student views

Placements give you a chance to experience the world of work, to apply what you've learnt on your degree so far and to enhance your employability. Find out about placements from some of our students

Justin's student perspective

Justin Crow‘There’s no question a placement year looks fantastic to employers, and is often an easier route to a great learning experience than applying to trainee positions after graduation.

‘I began my placement year working in computer networking, but I found this wasn’t a good fit for me. With the help of the Careers and Employability Centre, I was able to secure a position at Brandwatch and continue my placement there. The enormous difference between these workplaces has highlighted the range of approaches to development in enterprise cultures, and shown me the career path I want to pursue.

‘At Brandwatch, I’m the sole back-end developer for my team, which means a large amount of responsibility is placed on my shoulders. The experience of working in a real-world development environment and getting acclimatised to all of the tooling, processes and group interaction that involves has been invaluable.’

Justin Crow
BSc in Computer Science
Placement at Brandwatch

Nicoleta's student perspective

Nicoleta Joyce‘I decided to do a placement year to make my CV stand out from the crowd, gain confidence and find out what the law profession entails. I attended workshops prepared by the Careers and Employability Centre then secured my placement by contacting the in-house legal department at Mott MacDonald Ltd and selling them the idea of a placement. They were pleasantly surprised with my initiative.

‘While on the placement, you are not a trainee solicitor but a student and everyone treats you accordingly. Everyone takes the time to teach you and explain things to you. I had the opportunity to do legal research, contract reviews, collect and create evidence bundles and manage my own cases, which involved direct contact with high-level delegates within the World Bank and Ukrainian ministry.

‘When I got back for my final year, I had a deeper understanding of the legal principles covered on my course and could contribute to seminars with constructive comments and stories from the workplace.’

Nicoleta Joyce
LLB in Law
Placement at Mott MacDonald

Christina's student perspective

Christina Cameron‘I was thrilled to take part in Sussex's placement scheme as it is a great platform for graduate employment opportunities, especially in the current economic climate. It's also providing me with great networking skills and a whole host of other professional qualities that will stand me in good stead in future employment and in life.

'GlaxoSmithKline have provided me with many skills including building relationships, continuous improvement and driving innovation. Working in industry for a year will enable me to approach my final year from a more practical perspective, bearing in mind the great business minds did not get where they are today by purely studying.’

Christina Cameron
BSc in Business and Management Studies)
Placement at GlaxoSmithKline