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International Placements

Find out about the opportunities for doing a placement in another country across the world.

About international placements

Would you like to gain all of the benefits of a professional placement and valuable insights into working in a different country?

In the age of globalisation, an ‘international mindset’ is highly valued by employers in the UK and worldwide.

Immerse yourself in a different culture and brush up your language skills with an international placement.

If you are interested in working outside of the UK, we can help you. The world is a big place but our Placement Preparation Programme has advice on where to start looking, and GoinGlobal (login via CareerHub) has lots of information on working in different countries, including job sites.

What to do

Tell the Placements Team – and your academic adviser – that you are considering an International Placement as soon as you can.

Whether you are looking to work in an NGO or an investment bank, we can help you make sense of your international options.

If you would like international experience but don’t want to spend a whole year away from Brighton, there are lots of opportunities for shorter vacation internships overseas. We have strong links to organisations who provide internships in China, Japan and India.

Past student placements
  • German flag Germany
  • Swiss flag Switzerland
  • Dutch flag The Netherlands
  • Danish flag Denmark
  • Belgian flag Belgium
  • Flag of Austria Austria
  • Flag of Czech Republic Czech Republic
  • Flag of Norway Norway
  • Mexican flag Mexico
  • Canadian flag Canada
  • Flag of United States United States
  • Israeli flag Israel
  • Flag of Peru Peru
  • Flag of Chile Chile
  • Flag of Colombia Colombia
  • Cameroon flag Cameroon
  • Madagascan flag Madagascar
  • Tazanian flag Tanzania
  • South African flag South Africa
  • Sri Lankan flag Sri Lanka
  • Flag of the Philippines The Philippines
  • Thai flag Thailand
  • Japanese flag Japan
  • Chinese flag China
  • Flag of India India 
  • Jordanian flag Jordan
  • Flag of Turkey Turkey

Studying abroad

You might also consider spending your year studying abroad.

The Study Abroad team provide a wealth of help and resources, and we have partner universities across the globe.