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Find out about funding options for placements in Europe through the Erasmus+ scheme.

Brexit update

The Study Abroad site has more information on how Brexit might affect the Erasmus+ programme and funding.

Students intending on applying for work placements in the EU for academic 2020-2021 and beyond should do so in the expectation of not receiving any Erasmus+ funding.

About Erasmus+

If you're undertaking a placement within the EU, you're entitled to apply for Erasmus+ funding to assist with the costs involved.

Erasmus+ is the European Union's flagship educational exchange programme for Higher Education students, staff and institutions.

It was introduced with the aim of increasing student mobility within Europe. Erasmus+ brings together seven existing EU programmes in the fields of Education, Training, and Youth (2014-2020).

Erasmus+ in the UK is administered by the British Council. See its Erasmus+ page for more details.


If you do a placement year, you can expect to receive up to €400 per month as a contribution to living costs (dependent on the destination and nature of the placement). This is in addition to your salary, if your placement is paid.

As a registered student you will also be eligible for a maintenance loan at the overseas rate.

Note: EU students completing a placement in their home country have a lower funding priority than those students completing a placement in another European country.

If you want to apply for Erasmus+ funding, contact us at least eight weeks before you are due to depart.


Contact the Placements Team if you have secured a placement outside the UK but within the EU. We will advise you on how to proceed with applying for this funding.

You can also contact David Brimage in the Sussex Abroad team for more information on eligibility requirements for Erasmus+ funding.

  • Executive Officer (European Programmes), based in the Hastings building
  • T: 01273 877040