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Residential Advisers and residences

Support students living on campus or assist with the maintenance and upkeep of residences

Roles available

There is a range of roles you can apply for in university buildings and residences. These include:

Residential Adviser

Residential Advisers are full-time students who are trained in peer mediation, crisis intervention and student welfare issues. You’ll live in University-managed accommodation and assist and support student residents.

Accommodation may be on campus or off campus (including University-managed and Sussex Homes properties) in Brighton, Hove, Lewes and the local area. If you’re asked in for an interview, you’ll rate available residences in order of your preference. Accommodation is subject to availability and we can’t guarantee you’ll be given your first choice.

Responsibilities include:

  • facilitating a peaceful living environment for students and responding to disputes through mediation
  • signposting students to support services
  • conducting kitchen meetings with students
  • writing reports detailing incidents witnessed or reported
  • leading and supporting social programming events each term
  • creating content for social media.

Find out more about Residential Adviser responsibilities [PDF 430KB].

The role is unpaid, but you’ll receive a weekly rebate on your rent. This is usually £27 per week and is given in installments at the end of each term. If you live off campus, you’ll also receive extra rebate to cover your travel costs.

You can usually apply from January/February each year via CareerHub. To find out more information about the role, you can usually attend applicant information sessions and talk to current Residential Advisers. You can also send your questions to a Residential Community Co-ordinator at

You can apply if you are a full-time student and have completed your first year.

Check current residential advisor vacancies - or see expired vacancies.


Provide portering, cleaning and pastoral care within university buildings and residences.

Recruitment can be throughout the year via CareerHub.  

Check current vacancies - or see expired vacancies

Cleaning operative

Clean university residences and buildings.

Applications open at various points throughout the year via CareerHub.

Check current vacancies - or see expired vacancies

Skills you can gain

Learn how to:

  • mediate and offer support
  • develop your active listening skills
  • offer pastoral care
  • organise and plan inclusive social events
  • utilise social media to promote events
  • provide excellent customer service.
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